Confessions Of A Rebound: One Night Only

I had no idea that you gave me your number as a formality, or that when you said you would love to get together again, it would be the last time I ever heard your voice. I left thinking, “This could be the start of something,” while you watched me go knowing it was the end.

In A Dating World Of Hypocritical Mediocrity, Dare To Be ‘Extra’

Why can’t we do the future of society a favor and teach kids from a young age the right way to love someone? Why can’t we teach boys that it’s okay to be vulnerable? Why can’t we teach girls that a boy who is mean to her is just mean, and that there are no ulterior motives to his behavior?

The Truth About Breaking Up, And Why It Shouldn’t Be Hard To Do

Ending your romantic relationship does not necessarily mean you are ending your friendship. That is the choice some decide to make, and that is their personal; but there should be no reason why all communication between the two of you must cease once your Facebook relationship status changes.