A Little Note For The Next Person Who Walks Into My Life


To the next person who walks into my life,

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not the easiest person to deal with. I may look and express myself that I have it all under control. That it seems like I know what I’m doing and doing it well. You are wrong. The one thing I’m good at is acting like I have my life together. In reality I’m a downright mess.

I have no sense of time. Possibly the reason why I do a lot of my assignments and errands last minute. I let my emotions get the best of me and cry a lot. And at the smallest inconveniences too. The slightest raise of tone will cause a tear to form. At the same time I become happy at the tiniest thing that’s going good in my life.

My love life is really confusing where they are all in this revolving door whether I’m placing them there intentionally or not. When one goes out the other comes in and vice versa. I’m skeptical when it comes to who to trust.

My social life could also be better. I try to go to all the events and try to hang out with somebody even if it’s for an hour. At then, same time my grades can also use a boost.

I’ve been working out trying to go to the gym and hopefully when the weather becomes warmer do some cardio. I try to squeeze in some yoga in my free time. And my muffin top seems to still be in my presence.

I become moody when I’m hungry and you’ll have to deal until I have food in my stomach.

With my life visually a mess. I have good moments of it where there’s peace.

And if you can handle just a few moments of my insanity then I believe we’ll both be okay.