The Three Great Loves Of Your Life


It might not exactly be in this order, but it possibly could happen. But hear me out first. After watching Gilmore Girls the main character Lorelai ‘Rory’ Gilmore has three love interests throughout the show. All were different by looks and attitude. They brought a certain outlook about relationships. It’s also interesting when discussing about who was the best for Rory and OTP (One True Pairing).

It’s whether you guys met in high school or before or after. There was an attraction to this person and they felt the same about you. This is your first love. You are old enough to know about dating life and are ready to try it. You are done with the #singlelife. You tell your friends about this crush you have on them. Your friends are excited for you and urge you to go follow your heart. Your first love whether they have dated in the past or not will be on the hesitant side too. But once you guys are together everything comes together and looks so clear. At least you thought so. As time goes on things become murky. You two are constantly arguing. There is too much emotion and it becomes toxic.

Your second love will come around when you’re questioning about how you define relationships and love. They will show some interest but also be distant. They are definitely mysterious and you can’t wrap your head around what makes you so attractive about them. You want to learn more about them. You guys might not even be a couple though most people will disagree you two even being in the same room. You guys are either two polar opposites but work well together. You start rebelling and it could be them rubbing off you. You both realize even there is attraction between you too it just doesn’t work out.

Your third love will come unexpected. You have questioned about your idea of love and you relationships. They are fun and you find not only new things about them but about you too. They might come around when you are at a certain changing point in your life. Hanging around them is like a breath of fresh air. You view the world a little differently.

Now you may never meet anyone I described above but this just shows all the different types of people that come into your life that you develop feelings for.