A Love Like Cory And Topanga


For all of us 90s kids, I’m pretty sure we all know and look up to one main couple: Cory and Topanga. Cory and Topanga were the epitome of the fairy tale romance. They had known each other since birth and somehow managed to live their lives as friends and lovers, and we have the satisfaction of know that their fictional relationship is alive until now. They were that solid couple that we all knew, loved, and looked up to. We all wanted a love like theirs – that love that starts off young and lasts forever.

When we look back at Cory and Topanga’s relationship, we tend to remember the highlights. We remember when young Cory was reading a poem Topanga wrote and the young Topanga did an interpretive dance to it and drew a heart on her face with lipstick. We remember when Topanga pinned Cory against the lockers and gives him his first kiss. We remember when Cory finally asked Topanga to be his girlfriend. We remember the time Topanga showed up at Cory’s house completely drenched having runaway from her new home in Pittsburgh to Cory in Philadelphia. We remember their graduation day and Topanga proposing to Cory. And of course, we remember the day when the couple finally got married. Cory and Topanga were just perfect as a whole and it seemed like their relationship was handed to them on a silver platter, but sometimes we forget that they went through their difficult times as well.

Remember Lauren? The girl who Cory kissed from the ski lodge? And remember that guy who took Topanga to the art gallery, drew her some flowers, and kissed her? Remember those agonizing episodes when Cory and Topanga broke up and we thought it was the end for them? Was it? No. Why not? Because Cory and Topanga didn’t give up.

The best relationships are the ones that aren’t given up on. Great loves and fairy tale romances don’t only come to those who are lucky, but to those who are willing to put in the effort to make it work. They’re the ones where both people are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them together, and sometimes that means forgiving someone for hurting you and trusting them enough to not do it again. Let’s face it, we all make mistakes, but we shouldn’t be penalized for one mistake, especially if we aren’t proud of it and show remorse. If the mistakes constantly repeat, on the other hand, well that’s a different story.

Having a love like Cory and Topanga’s isn’t impossible, but it also isn’t easy. With the obstacles that they faced, it could’ve easily been the end of their story, but it wasn’t. They always worked on things. They would choose to forgive one another and not let those instances spoil and ruin the wonderful relationship they already had. They showed us that lasting relationships take time, effort, and the willingness to work on making it stronger everyday.

To me, that’s the fairy tale in their love.