It Won’t Always Be Love At First Sight


Sometimes we meet people in our lives and there are instant fireworks with them. It’s love at first sight. You find yourselves in a whirlwind romance that’s full of passion and excitement. In the early stages of your meeting you ask yourself, “where has this person been all of my life?” But then sooner or later the passion dies down, and suddenly you find that all you shared with that person is just that: the passion. Gradually you find yourselves drifting from one another, until one day that person becomes nothing but a stranger and a mere memory, one that isn’t even all that memorable.

Then there are the people who enter our lives quietly. You meet them, but they don’t leave a lasting impression on you. There aren’t any fireworks or sparks, but you get along with them, and that’s cool, but you just don’t think it’s all that special or extraordinary. As time goes by and you find yourselves getting to know each other more, you one day realize you’ve become completely involved in each other’s lives.

This person now occupies a big part of your heart and your life, and you’re surprised at how much time you’ve invested in this person. You look back on your relationship and you marvel at how much has changed since the beginning. You never imagined this person to become such a huge part of your life, and now you can’t imagine how life would be without this person anymore.

Ever-lasting love takes time. You can’t rush it. Relationships are like plants. When you plant a seed, you need to take care of it and give it time to grow. You can’t speed up the process, like giving it more water than it needs. If you do that, the plant can drown and it can die prematurely. For the plant to grow and live, you need to give it time and just the right amount of water. Eventually it can grow into something beautiful, and as long as you take care of it, it can stay healthy.

They say that things easily obtained are easily lost. That thrilling feeling of being completely engrossed and mesmerized by someone is great, but eventually that spark can die out and there may be be nothing left. But when love comes quietly, it can grow into something amazing. Although the feeling may be quiet at first, it’s in no way significant. As you take the time to nurture the relationship, it can eventually become that deep and unconditional love. You create a strong foundation that isn’t easily breakable. You create something that can last for life.

Sometimes the people who come into our lives silently are the ones that can surprise us in the end. Just because it isn’t love at first sight, doesn’t mean that the love can’t grow.

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