A Meditation To Heal Your Soul


At this moment, as you sit firmly grounded to the Earth, you are also grounded within yourself.

Dedicate this time for yourself and release all external obligations. Your only obligation is to tend to your well-being and to take this time to be fully present.

Take the deepest breath that you have taken all day. Inhale through the nose, and as you exhale out the mouth, allow everything to slide straight off you with an audible sigh.

Let go of your worries, anxiety, friendship problems, relationship quarrels, or work-related tension.

On your next inhale, visualize the walls around you. Their color, where you are situated in the room, and their height. As you exhale, let go of these walls. Allow them to blur into the outside world. Feel yourself open up to endless space.

With every new cycle of breath, allow yourself to detach from your physical surroundings and instead feel the kind of energy pulsating and flowing all around you.

As you begin to focus on the energy outside your body, use your breath to help you focus on the energy that flows within you.

Come to look inwards; be present with yourself. Visualize the kind of energy that flows throughout your body. What does it look like? Does it all have the same color? How bright does it shine?

As you search within yourself, realize that there is untapped energy and power within your soul. You have endless potential within yourself and you are able to overcome any darkness lingering around you.

There is a garden within your soul. Only you are able to tend to it. You decide whether it will flourish or wither away. You can choose which seeds to plant and which weeds have overstayed their welcome.

Let the light into your garden by choosing to be kind to yourself.

Choose love and light.

Choose to love your light.

And with every inhale that you take, visualize the ball of light that is sitting within your heart center growing. Feed more love to that ball of light with every inhale.

And with every exhale, expel any darkness that lingers throughout your body. Release anything that no longer serves you so that your light can shine through every inch of you.

Continue to use your breath to focus on tending to your soul. Stay here until you can feel your inner love and light radiating outwards for the world to be in awe of.