It’s Okay To Be There For Yourself First


As humans, we are always in a state of transformation. As time goes on, we face new challenges and experiences that put us in uncomfortable situations that make us grow for the better. When you start to focus primarily on your growth, you will lose friends, gain friends, leave old environments, and become introduced to new environments that aid in the development of your growth as a person—mentally, physically, financially.

During the times of focusing on yourself and your growth, you will sacrifice a lot. You might not always be present for your friends and family because you have things you need to accomplish. At times, you might even feel a sense of guilt. We must be reminded that it is okay to miss out on social interactions at times and not always be there if you are in a stage of your life where you are prioritizing becoming the best version of yourself. Your life begins to change, and this phase of your life can be exhausting and even lonely at times, but it opens your eyes to so many different things.

When you are striving to become stable within yourself, and when your overall environment and mentality become structured-focused, you are awakened to people and situations that are no longer stable for you. When you are in a state of balance, you are more awakened to people who throw you off balance. Whether that is a person, a situation, or an environment, you become more conscious of it and it allows you to reflect and ask yourself, “Is this person, environment, or situation actually aiding in the development of my growth?” Overall, it’s okay to outgrow people, places, and old habits when you’re primarily focused on becoming the best version of yourself.

We must be reminded that it’s okay to log off from social media and distance ourselves from social interactions in a healthy way. You are not obligated to always share your life with the world. Privacy is important, especially when you have goals planned for yourself that you want to keep private. Sometimes, not sharing your life with the world so much might actually put you in a less anxious state. We must be reminded that it is okay to escape into our own reality, be selfish about what we want to share, and choose what we want to consume and interact with in regards to social media.

In regards to helping others, it is okay to not reply to that text or do that favor if at that time you need yourself the most. It’s okay to turn off your phone, reply to that text at a later time, or do that favor when you feel that you have the emotional, mental and physical capacity to do so. This is beneficial, so when you do choose to interact, you can be authentically engaging with the person and be truly present for them.

It’s okay to not always be there if that means being there for yourself.