A Minimalist Thanksgiving Menu


1. Turkey slice on pristine napkin

2. Birdsong

3. Sage-crusted crumb

4. Natural sunlight

5. Two ears colorful maize, snugly abed in wicker basket

6. Anna’s famous pie crust

7. Lipids

8. Feeling very relaxed

9. Three cranberries in the palm of your hand

10. Family arrive

11. Different sorts of wines

12. The past

13. Bowl of buttered mashed potatoes, brought by Uncle Todd, who does not understand.

14. Looking at things fondly

15. Single persimmon, finely chopped

16. Skins

17. Polished crystal vase. Not empty. Filled with possibility

18. Condensation

19. Yam

20. A game where two children break the bone of a thing that was once alive

21. Gratefulness

22. Green bean smell

23. Exquisite longing.