The 5 Best Christmas Music Videos Of The 1980s

he best thing about the Hall and Oates Jingle Bell Rock video is: Everything. It’s the way they bop almost-but-not-quite in time with the music. It’s the cheesy special effects. It’s the rockin’ granny. It’s so very tongue-and-cheek, as if Daryll and John created it not for their contemporaries, but for the future.

10 Undeniable Signs You Went To School In Boston

On frosty winter nights, you convened with friends to strap on ice skates at the Frog Pond, where you’d body-check small children who had come down from the North Shore for some innocent family fun.

Are You The Chosen One? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Are you the prophesied warrior, here to save us all? Is your destiny written in the stars? Will your road to success and triumphant return bring about an era of unimaginable prosperity and light to all the land?