A Reminder That You Will Move On No Matter What


Moving on from someone you love is hard and strange and can sometimes take much longer than we’d like. But if there is one thing I do know, it’s that moving on is for everyone.

It’s for every love that didn’t last. For every broken relationship. For every promise that was shattered and every wish that was left unfulfilled.

Moving on is for the sensitive, whose pain is acute and harrowing. It’s for the thick-skinned, who can take mighty blows without flinching but whose broken hearts are a whole other kind of pain. It’s for those who struggle with being vulnerable, for whom heartache can be particularly tricky.

Moving on is for those who are climbing out of abusive relationships. It’s for those whose relationships lost love over the years. It’s for those who are still in love but cannot be together for reasons that can’t be compromised on.

Moving on is for those who had to let go of a good thing because of geographical distance. It’s for those who still have to move in the same circles as their exes. It’s for those who will completely lose each other and those who will always be a part of each others’ lives.

Moving on is for those who were cheated on. It’s also for those who cheated. It’s for those whose partners changed beyond recognition. It’s also for the ones who’ve changed themselves.

Moving on is for those who’ve loved for five days, five years, or five decades. It’s for those who have only loved online, for those who lived with each other, and for those who were once married.

I don’t know how long you will take to move on. I don’t know how many detours and pivots you’ll make. I don’t know who or what will catalyze your journey. I don’t know who you will be or whom you will find at the other end of this.

But I do know that you will move on no matter who you are, how you loved, or how you lost. You will heal, restore, and move forward. You will find your wholeness again. You will continue to love. I want you to always remember that.