A Reminder To Always Be Candid In Your Life


Candid is saying what you think openly and honestly, not hiding your thoughts.

When was the last time you were candid? When was the last time you actually told yourself the truth? When was the last time you were candid with the World?

Let’s be candid, let’s be real, let’s be honest, let’s be honest, we are all floating. When I talk of floating I mean nothing related to lack of gravity, when I say floating I mean uncertainty, problems, holes etc.

Let’s be candid we are all floating in one pool of uncertainty, maybe not the same pool but we are all floating. The perfect life doesn’t exist we can choose to deceive ourselves but it won’t erase the fact that we are all floating.

You know those people whose life you dream of having or currently planning to emulate they are all floating but they choose to show the beautiful side which is admirable, lovable and enviable.

You know that girl who seems to have all the great clothings, who everybody loves, yeah she got problems too, she floating..

You know that boy who seems to have it all yeah he is floating, he probably got more holes in his life than you, he’s floating….

You know that family, that family with the perfect front. The husband and wife with the sweetest romance, yeah they got their own issues, they are floating….

You, me and everyone are all floating, we all have one fear nobody knows about, we got problems we never disclose, we all have uncertainties. Although we’ve learnt and mastered the act of hiding our problems and selling the picture of a perfect life but that doesn’t change the fact that we are floating.

I am not writing this to spread sadness, negativity or depression on the contrary I wanna give hope to as many who think they’re alone in the pool of problems, I wanna give advice to as many that believe there life can’t crash from the pedestal it’s on. Everyone has got problems you without one please don’t mock others, you with one problem or the other please don’t give up.

No matter how difficult things get, no matter how perfect it seems remember there is hope of betterment will always be alive, there is always a silver lining and the sun will always rise.

So let’s always be candid, we are all floating, we all have problems hiding the fact or ignoring the reality will not change the story but accepting the fact is a step to better things.