This Is How You Keep Up And Don’t Let Life Pass You By


How do we keep up with life’s pace?

How do we keep up with the moving train called life?

Life will always go on, the course of existence always moves on. It might have stopped for you,but life doesn’t really stop for anyone.

Life did not stop for the young girl who was abused by the men she called uncles, life didn’t stop so she could heal,

Life did not stop for that woman who lost her little girl, it didn’t stop for her to get used to the reality that her child is no more,

Life did not stop for the man who lost his entire family in one day, it didn’t stop to comfort the man for losing his jewels in one day,

Life did not stop for that young man who was comatose for years. Life did not stop to wait for him to wake up.

Life doesn’t stop, it moves on, it’s a jungle with countless trials, it’s a jungle without a book of instructions, you learn as you go, you don’t get to stop and expect it to stop and wait for you to get a hang of it, it’s a moving train, it keeps moving and that’s why it is always said that “Life waits for no one.”

But what if we wanted life to wait and not just move on, what if we wanted life to understand that we need time to heal, that we need time to find, pick and fix our broken pieces… What happens then, would it wait? All these are wishful thinking, life will and does not stop and wait.

So how then do we keep up with this moving train, how then do we survive this jungle? Even I don’t have the answers. I only know that when we break we have the options to remain broken or to pick the broken pieces and fix it as we go. I only know there is hope of betterment. I only know life has phases. I only know that we just have to keep moving but I don’t know how we’ll keep up with life’s pace…

We can only hope it won’t leave us behind or run us over, we can only hope to have the strength to keep moving.