A Sheriff Threatened To Arrest This Woman For Her ‘Fuck Trump’ Bumper Sticker, So She Clapped Back With A Savage New One


In Fort Bend County, Texas, one heroic woman has sparked a debate about free speech and whether or not there are boundaries to it. How? Because her “FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM” bumper sticker has definitely offended some people, to which I have to say: good.

Apparently Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls was one of those special snowflakes who was offended. He suggested on Facebook that the owner of the vehicle should be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, and a day later, truck owner Karen Fonseca was arrested for an outstanding warrant and fraud charges from 2015. Seems like an interesting coincidence, hm?

Since then, the sheriff deleted his Facebook post and Fonseca decided to fight back. How, you may ask? By adding a new bumper sticker to her truck, though this one said, “FUCK TROY NEHLS AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM.”

Okay, sorry, but LOL. That’s gold right there.

But Fonseca didn’t stop there. She’s now considering a civil rights lawsuit against the sheriff for trying to deny her the right of Freedom of Speech, and she’s even got the attention of the ACLU of Texas, who is 100% here for her.

The sheriff has since backtracked and said that no one had technically threatened to arrest Fonseca, he just wrote a Facebook post that he thought she should be arrested, and that this would be a good time to talk about Freedom of Speech. Uh huh, yeah, okay. I think I’m going to have to follow Fonseca’s lead with that “FUCK TROY NEHLS” sticker.