This Is What Your Heartbreak Is Actually Telling You


I am a firm believer that heartbreak is one of our biggest most prevalent teachers. Heartbreak has a very surreal way of picking apart our pain and dissecting it in a way that demands us to look at it. Heartbreak isn’t just the loss of a relationship, the rejection of a friend, etc – heartbreak is the space where ALL of our wounds beg to be felt and reconciled.

Heartbreak brings up all of our past pains, especially from our childhood. If we take a close look at our heartbreak, we almost always will see patterns. We will find areas of our identity that isn’t really us and we will find parts of our mindset that wasn’t even shaped by us. When looking further, we will begin to see how our behavior and thought process was not only formed, but how it continues to affect our day to day lives and our relationships with every single person we are in contact with.

Heartbreak is not meant to destroy us. It’s not meant to be a place where we become stagnant and dwell for years upon years.

Heartbreak is a space that is meant to remind us of the work we have yet to do with and for ourselves. It reintroduces us to ourselves, more conscious than before.

In the midst of heartbreak, our most sensitive parts will demand our attention so that we can move forward with less weight, more happy and free. Our heartbreak is this thing that politely whispers (Okay, screams), “You feel unworthy because of ___” or, “You are insecure about ___ because of ___”.

Heartbreak is something that we have to listen to in order to heal.

Every single ounce of our human power is found in the self reflection that this pain requires us to feel. Our most enlightened future and our most secure and vibrant self is both created and found in the process of navigating who we are, how we connect, how we communicate, what we are fearful of, and how we show up – all of which require our attention when heartbreak arrives.

Heartbreak is merely a designated place for us to do our deepest healing in. This is the space for questions, analyzing, transformation, and evolution.

Life is not linear. We do not lose something and then it just disappears. Everything happens in cycles, over and over again in one way or another. Nothing ever stays gone for too long, absolutely nothing. This is why heartbreak is not a space to purely grieve until we forget.

Heartbreak is merely a place where we take our grief and we understand it so that we can move through it and beyond it to our best life possible.

Let your heartbreak teach you everything you need to know about you – it’s trying to tell you more than you think.