A Short List Of Times I Apologized But Shouldn’t Have


1. For being sensitive

I’ll admit, I try my best to put on a tough exterior—we all do. But deep down, when you peel back the layers, we all obtain the same basic need to feel accepted and to be liked. When this part of us is punctured, we feel things. We feel sad and we get hurt and sometimes we are unsure on how to process what these icky feelings are, and that is okay.  Cry, call your mom, listen to sad music, opt to be alone, and heal. I will not be put down for feeling sad. I will not apologize for my natural reaction when something with impact happens in my life.

2. For leaving a relationship that made me feel unsure

The irony of feeling insecure in a relationship is that, by default, no matter what you say or do, you will always self-deprecate and believe you are in the wrong. Relationships are a balance of power and synergy between you both, yet the minute you begin to feel that your partner is trying to obtain power over you, I want you to run. Don’t apologize, but run. It will break you down trying to understand how someone can make you feel as if you are not enough no matter what you do. If your relationship is making you feel unsure and insecure about yourself, you do not need to apologize for putting your worth first. See the next unwarranted apology.

3. For putting myself first

I don’t think we should always be selfish, and I truly believe that. I think life is better when we do things out of selflessness—when we extend our helpfulness to others. But I also will always listen to my inner conscious first in life. If I feel exhausted, I will let myself rest. If I want to stay in and order takeout on a Saturday night in exchange for a night out, I will let myself. If I am excited for an event and no one else will join me, I won’t let that prevent me from doing the things I want.

4. For spending less time with people who make me feel inferior

There comes a point in life when you finally appreciate your worth and yet still, others will try to make you feel less than despite what you have spent years building up. But I am not sorry any longer for choosing to spend less time with those who do not bring me up and those who get a high from making people feel low. You won’t win anymore, and I will not apologize for cutting you out. Spend time with those who remind you how special you are.

5. For speaking my opinion

Opinions are not always supposed to be right. Opinions are not facts or definite explanations, but they should also not be shamed. Opinions are what come from your inner instincts that press on your mind and tongue to speak out upon. Your opinion matters. My opinion matters. A stranger’s opinion matters. Right or wrong, it is still allowed to be expressed and appreciated whether or not it holds truth.

Apologies are strong and should be given when necessary, however don’t feel like it is always required.