Yes I’m Addicted To Social Media, No, I Really Don’t Give A Shit


Social media is a huge part of our lives. There’s no doubt about it. Many people, especially older generations, claim that it’s overpowering and dumbing the youth. That it’s poisoning their sense of self and self-worth. Social media is a powerful tool – there’s no denying that. However, it has many more benefits that we give it credit for.

I’m a Millennial and I’m addicted to social media. My day starts with a quick Instagram scroll and liking pictures of adorable cats. I go on Facebook to chat with friends and then send funny pictures to my boyfriend on Snapchat. It has become an inseparable part of my life, and going without a phone for a day seems impossible.

So yes, I’m addicted to social media. But guess what? I don’t give a shit.

Social media has a huge impact on our society these days – it can either be negative or positive. However, there’s an indisputable fact that it does improve our lives. It’s a place where young adults connect with others who go through the same life struggles as them. It’s a place where you can discover yourself and your perspectives on everything. It’s a place where you can grow.

There’s a negative stigma associated with social media platforms, which is understandable considering that many people use it to hurt one another. But we cannot dispute how such apps, when used correctly, have improved our lives.

Before the age of the Internet, people were left to their own devices and chatting with someone from a different continent required writing a letter. Social media allow us to expand our horizons. And it’s pretty obvious we need it these days.

I, for one, am incredibly grateful to be living in a society where social media is ever-present. If it’s used wisely, it can change your life drastically – for the better. If it wasn’t for online dating, I would have never met my boyfriend. If not for Facebook, I would have never adopted my cat. And if it wasn’t for social media, you would have never been reading this.

The older generations dismiss the positive side of social media platforms simply because it’s easier to criticize something they don’t know much about. Everybody has their own lives and get to decide how they live them. And if that includes late nights spent on YouTube, then so be it. These platforms give us a voice that we didn’t have before. We can make a positive change if we use it to our advantage. And that’s something not many people talk about.

So yes, I’m addicted to social media. And so are millions of people – not just the young ones.

And we all shouldn’t give a shit.