A Truly Thought-Provoking Piece


Guess what? You’ve just been provoked into thought. By asking a simple question right off the bat, this piece of literature has lead your brain to start causing synaptic reactions. Likewise, reading the word synaptic took you down a path of memory lane, because like most people, you probably haven’t heard the word synapse since high school. Wow, this piece is provoking numerous random thoughts already.

Have you ever stopped to consider the subtle nuances that occur as you read? For instance, did the author use the word nuance correctly there? Did he have to Google it just to be sure he had? Should you Google it to see if either of us are correct? Why didn’t he just use a simpler word, and why does he have the word subtle in front of it considering that’s part of the definition of the word nuance? Is he just trying to slide in new words he’s recently learned? In fact, it’s clear the author is most certainly the kind of guy who slides new words into everyday confabulation just to sound smart. Wait, did he just do it again? How on Earth is the author of this piece provoking you into so many different thoughts? By simply writing words. It’s the nuances like this that are so subtle and yes, thought-provoking.

A thought-provoking piece of writing is something that causes you to rethink the way you view things, and this dictation is no different. You’re wondering why on Earth this author is pointing out that he’s provoked you into thought, rather than organically provoking you into thought. Simultaneously, you’ve been naturally provoked into thought, because maybe that is what he meant to do along.

The author of this piece does have but one question for you: how many times do you think you can be provoked into thought by my writing? If anything at all came into your head just now (even if it was “this is so stupid”), once more this piece of writing has done you due diligence from the title.

Yes, this is truly a thought-provoking piece, and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. You can stare blankly at the screen and mindlessly scroll to the end of this post, but even then the length of this piece of writing will have provoked you into to thinking, “How long is this? How much further do I have to scroll?” Well, it’s about as long as it takes to ride one gnarly brainwave, Jabroni. Wait, was that on an episode of Magic School Bus? I don’t know, but if not, it should’ve been for sure.

Now where were we? If you have a distinct answer, I’d like to offer you a congratulations for following along so diligently. If you think this is total pile of horse manure, I’d also like to offer you a congratulations, because you too have been provoked into thinking that.

There simply isn’t anything you can do to prevent yourself from being provoked into thought by this piece. Sure, unlike most thought provoking pieces of literature, this thought provoking piece doesn’t cover a renowned issue or topic of interest, but rather comes at you like a neanderthal throwing the provocation of thought right in your face.

It’s an inescapable dilemma really: continue reading and keep getting provoked into thought (willingly or not), or leave now, but be left wondering what that was all about. The fact is you have no choice but to be provoked into thought. When you think about it, that’s all this piece set out to do—so, you’re welcome for achieving that.

In the end, all writing is thought provoking (some better and more profound than others), but what you must focus on is what the author was going for. In this case, it was simply to get you provoked into thought and quite literally nothing else. If you feel you’ve been unlawfully provoked into thought, feel free to leave a comment below, however be faired warned you’ve also been provoked into thinking about doing that, so the process is sort of never ending.