A Visceral Experience In The Making


You’ve come here because your intuition told you it was the right thing to do. This particular link to a story, above all the other plethora of stories you’ll be asked to consume today, stood out as the right thing to click. It felt right. There was no reason. And here you are—reading.

Things seem to be melding perfectly into each other. You’re in another dimension. This whole thing seems too good to be true. As you read further and further you are now validated in your decision to have clicked this link and to be reading this story, but still it goes deeper.

This is a visceral experience in the making. Your gut told you coming here was the right thing to do, but your instinct tells you there is something beyond the brilliant decision to dedicate your time to this distinct dictation you’ve decided to delve into. Logic has no ground for which to stand upon here. This literary phenomenon is leading you toward a deep inward awakening—an enlightenment of knowledge and connection with the world.

Your personal visceral experience seemingly has no bounds—as logic would step in to forewarn you—but you push that aside and forge ahead, because emotion tells you that an answer lie ahead. As you continue reading you begin questioning how this whole thing connects you with the world. How does this internet content connect you with the very being you have become? Where can you find such vast, unknown answers? How do you have your voice heard in a saturated system?

Still, you press on, not necessarily knowing what you’re looking for, but knowing exactly what you’re looking for. Your intellect in this decision plays no part, but your passion for wandering through this unknown passage plays a vital role.

You’re currently smack dab in the middle of a visceral experience (in the making) and somehow you knew that things had only just begun. Reason points you in the direction of familiar friend—clicking elsewhere at this time. Your intuition, however, defines clicking elsewhere as something entirely different—a fiend.

These moments you’ve set aside to adhere to this very specific literary arrangement, dedicated to forcing you to look inward, are being catapulted into a new realm of thinking. You want to know what it all means, and although, again, logic is telling you this small piece of internet content doesn’t have what you are looking for, your sentiment on the situation is to seek satisfaction of a seemingly cyclical circumstance.

Deep-rooted within you, you know there is a meaning to all of this, and you’re living in that moment as we speak—it’s in the making. You’re dangerously close to that sincerely sought after solution. Finding the answers in life means taking risks, pushing aside the facts and letting your animal instincts take you for a ride to success. Well, you’ve successfully navigating through an innumerable amount of potential places to spend your waking hours, and in conjunction, waded through the depths of your mind and found yourself on the cusp of a truly intellectual insight—thanks to your emotions that is.

As this visceral experience in the making winds to a close, you now know there is only one thing left to do, and intuitively, without reason, you do it. You move you mouse or thumb, again without any reason, just intuition, to the place on the screen that just feels right. This is where you belong and you knew it all along.

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