All It Took Was One Kiss


All it took was one kiss for me to be mesmerized by you. For me to suddenly feel dizzy, feel something stirring, something bubbling underneath the surface of my skin. They say if it’s love you feel a spark, and they aren’t kidding.

When you kissed me it was like a bolt of lightning running from my lips to my toes. I suddenly felt alive in ways I never had before. And I knew.


All it took was one kiss.

One kiss to make me realize what I’d been missing.

I felt those lips on mine, soft and gentle, as if you were trying to kiss every bit of loneliness from my body, as if you were reminding me how it felt to be cared for, as if you were trying to teach me that I deserved to be loved tenderly, like a treasure.

Your body moved with your kiss, leaning into me. You were opening the walls of your heart and letting me in, brushing back that cold exterior and allowing the warmth, saying, I trust you, come here.

Your hands touched my cheeks, my shoulders, my arms, my hips. You pulled me closer to you as your lips pressed into mine, a contradiction of motion that made my head spin. I could feel my knees weaken as our lips found their rhythm.

All it took was one kiss.

One kiss for me to feel drunk.

The night sky was brimming with stars and it felt like my feet had fallen asleep, tingling, as I stepped back from you to breathe. You made it hard to inhale. You made it hard to stand. You made it hard for me to find words to speak aloud; it was all jumbled lines of poetry spinning in my head and I was trying, so desperately, to make sense of them.

Because I didn’t want to forget that feeling.

You kissed me and it tasted like poetry.

I had to step back from you and breathe, let the oxygen fill my lungs and stop the dizziness in my head. You made me forget time and place and there was something magical in that. I’ve always been the girl that’s steady, that’s organized, that’s walking forward with a destination in mind and a story already written.

But with you, I felt different.

I let you take the lead, let you guide me, let your lips tell my body how to feel.

All it took was one kiss.

And I was already lost in you.