The Next Time It Rains, Think About Me 


The next time it rains, think about me. Think about how I told you I’ll make it shine when it rains. Think about how I promised to be by your side if you can’t stand the rain and think about the nights you spent alone in the rain and how you no longer have to hate it so much because I’m right next to you.

The next time it rains, think about those who broke your heart, think about how they made you cry, how they made you feel and how you never felt good enough for them because they managed to make you think that they’re better than you. Think about them and then think about me, and how I make you feel. Think about how I came into your life to show you how to be loved and how special you really are.

The next time it rains, hold my hand and know that no matter how heavy the rain hits you, I won’t let your hands slip away. I won’t let you slip away.

The next time it rains, think of my heart and how it belongs only to you. Rest assured that it only wants you, don’t think about those who are trying to win my heart because there is no competition.

The next time it rains, please know that you’re the only one. Please know that I don’t even want to think of anyone else.

You always hated the falling rain because it brought all your insecurities back, it made you remember the darkness and the loneliness you had to endure, it made you remember the nights when all you wanted was someone to talk to and all you got was no response.

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to hate the rain anymore, that you can now associate the rain to my warmth, to my love, to my company.

You can now associate the rain to everything you love because we both know that it’s not the rain that you hate, it’s the storms that it starts within you, but I am here to calm those storms.

The next time it rains, don’t think about the storms, think about the rainbow that comes after, think about the safety that comes after fear, the love that comes after heartbreak and don’t forget to think about me. 

The next time it rains, let’s go outside and let’s dance to the sound of the falling raindrops.