An Open Letter To Our Sister In Morocco: We Are Here For You


I’m sorry your soul is broken.

I’m sorry your pain filled each corner of that horrific street with no one to answer your cry for help. I’m sorry you had to pick-up the pieces of your violated dignity alone. I’m sorry you had your faith shaken by those who are supposed to protect you, those who are supposed to respect you, those who are supposed to take care of you, those who are supposed to love you. I’m sorry your childhood was damaged in seconds. I’m sorry that the worst day of your life was taped, that it was shared with millions of people, people you don’t know who know you. I’m sorry you hide yourself from the slut shaming and the victim blaming. I’m sorry you hide yourself as if it was your fault. I’m sorry you hide yourself to survive, to stay alive.

I’m sorry that when someone was stealing your consent, you were screaming at the top of your lungs pleading if they had a sister. I’m sorry you felt that your person does not matter, that your rights don’t exist. I’m sorry that you were taught that a girl’s worth is in her reputation. That a girl is only useful if she has her legs closed and her head covered. I’m sorry you were taught that your family’s honor is tied to your own. I’m sorry you have been carrying the town’s honor on your shoulders only to find out that it is without honor itself.

I’m sorry that you are looked at as a burden, instead of being seen as an inspiration.

I’m sorry that the government is never on your side. I’m sorry that the society you live in is just as guilty. I’m sorry you live in a place where physical abuse is okay, where sexual assault is okay, where rape is okay. I’m sorry that when someone violates your being, nothing is done. I’m sorry they don’t protect you, they protect him. I’m sorry they don’t defend you, they defend themselves. And I’m sorry they don’t take actions, they stay silent. I’m sorry the video was not taken down, instead, it was left on repeat. I’m sorry the monster who made your body cry has not been incriminated, I’m sorry you had to hear his parents justify his crime with a mental illness bullshit excuse. I’m sorry the physio who stood there hitting the record button has not been incriminated either. I’m sorry that the emotional damage you are left with only multiplies.

To my sister who was raped on the street of Morocco, you are a survivor!

Don’t let people dim your light because of someone’s dark doing. Don’t allow people to talk you into disregarding your basic human right. Don’t give people a chance to block your way to the better place you belong to. The place where your story is heard, where your trauma is acknowledged, and where your pain is healed.

Because we will be waiting for you there. You’re never alone, we’re your brothers and sisters. We’re the ones who will stand by your side. We’re the ones who will fight your fight with you. The ones who hold your hand, the ones who tell you that it’s not your fault, and the ones who remind you of who you were before it all happened. We’re the ones who ignite your inner power.

We are here for you,

Your people