I Like You (But Not Enough To Tolerate Your Bullshit)


I have strong feelings for you. That’s why I have been blowing up your phone. That’s why I keep trying (and failing) to make plans to hang out over the weekend. That’s why I have been tossing you compliments and sending you semi-inappropriate snaps.

I want to kiss you. I want to hook up with you. I want to date you. I want all of that. But that does not mean I am going to lower my standards in order to get it.

I don’t want to be the girl you run to when you’ve run out of Tinder matches to message. I don’t want to be the girl you invite over at two in the morning when you are falling over drunk. I don’t want to be the girl you consider a ‘side chick’ or a ‘booty call’ or an ‘almost.’

I want to be your girlfriend. I’m not going to settle for your minimum effort. I’m expecting you to give me as much as I’m offering. I want you to treat me like an actual human being, not an option you can ignore whenever it’s convenient for me to go away.

I’m interested in you, but that doesn’t mean you get a free pass to treat me like crap. If you make it clear you couldn’t care less about whether we end up together or never see each other again, then I’m going to give up on you. I’m not going to waste my breath on someone who takes me for granted.

It’s not that complicated to understand. If you treat me well, I am going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. If you treat me like shit, I am going to become a distant memory to you.

I guess you think that I like you so much that nothing is going to turn me off, which is completely false. If you cancel plans on me one more time, then I’m gone. If you keep seeing other girls behind my back, then I’m gone. If you leave me waiting three days for an answer to a text, then I’m gone.

I like you — but not enough to tolerate your bullshit for much longer. I know what I deserve and it isn’t this. I’m not going to chase after some guy who doesn’t care whether he loses me or keeps me around for a little while longer. I don’t need a relationship that badly. I’m perfectly fine on my own.

If I’m going to turn someone into my boyfriend, I want that person to see my worth. I want that person to respect me. I want that person to like me as much as I like him.

I’m not desperate. I’m not going to beg you to treat me the right way. That’s on you. You can either make the decision to turn me into a priority or you can continue to act like an asshole and watch me walk away.

Either way, I’ll survive.