An Open Letter To The Girl Who Broke His Heart


I was never under the impression that he didn’t come with his fair share of baggage. But sometimes I wonder, do you regret it? Do you regret hurting him? Maybe you regret leaving him…or maybe you are perfectly happy with your life as it is.

I may not be the judge assigned to your case; I do not know you. But I have such a difficult time, trying to grasp how on earth you could treat such a beautiful gift…like nothing.

You let the best thing that could have ever happened to you go, without even caring about how much pain you had put him in. He struggles to trust, struggles to let me in, and battles to see that he is worthy of love. He is so blinded by the pain that you placed in his heart that he has shut out all light that he has created in this world. You caused him to hate himself, do you realize that? How could this gorgeous human being, who has changed my life forever…the man that has made me so blissfully happy, hate himself? You are the reason he feels so insecure and tiptoes around me; as if one wrong move and I will walk out of his life forever: just like you did.

But that was in the beginning and this is now. I stayed because I saw him for what he is: the personification of an angel. I helped him bring down those invisible barriers that you created, I showed him love. He isn’t as scared anymore and he finally trusts me.

Thank you.

Thank you for realizing that you didn’t deserve him and thank you for giving him to me.

Because his heart is safe in my hands and it always will be.

And he will always be the one that got away.