Andy Dwyer’s Top 5 Most Andy Dwyer-y Moments



Andy, the lovable “Mouse Rat” lead singer we weren’t supposed to love, started out as Rashida Jones’ lazy ex-boyfriend and quickly grew into one of Parks and Recreation’s most beloved main characters.

Andy often gets the best one-liners on the show and though he’s a manchild doofus at times, he really is the kind-hearted mushy center of P&R. Like his wife April, who was melted by his charms, you can’t help but adore Andy’s genuine nature and upbeat spirit.

So how does a one-off “bad guy” character with no depth end up being one of the viewers’ favorite people? The hilarious acting of Chris Pratt, or maybe the great writing of the P&R staff, or most likely the wonderful, unexpected but oh-so-right pairing of Andy and April — the best couple on the show.

Here are some of the most silly, endearing Andy Dwyer moments. Don’t we all wish we had our own?

1. Bert Macklin, FBI


Andy and his wife, April, love to goof around in quirky, bizarre ways. One such game they play is a public role-playing adventure where April is a dark widow named Janet Snakehole and Andy is the rogue FBI agent searching for her, Bert Macklin. In this scene, they try to make a Bert Macklin movie — with mixed results.

2. Andy Diagnoses Leslie


Andy is certainly not the brightest bulb in the shed but he makes up for it in caring and compassion. Concerned for Leslie’s flu-like symptoms, he tries to diagnose her on WebMD only to run into some internet connectivity problems. But what comes out of his mouth next is just…too much.

3. Boom! That’s Spaghetti!


Andy learns that food becomes energy when you eat it and is very, very excited by the news. Every move he makes becomes a different snack he’s consumed that day. The real winner is April’s adorable, one-line kicker at the end of this clip. Oh, true love.

4. Roadhouse


When the TV stops working, Andy has to entertain Leslie’s campaign donors. How does he do it? By re-enacting the entire plot of Roadhouse. Brilliant.

5. Sneezing Head Injury


Andy goes to his ex Ann, a nurse, to get to the root of his head injury. Turns out he hit his head on the wall while trying to hang up his gold record. When he sneezed. That’s right. He sneezed his head into the wall. Only Andy, guys. Only Andy.

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