The Most Dangerous Fascists Are The Ones Claiming ‘It’s For The Greater Good’


Last year I attended a protest at Stone Mountain, Ga. – the site considered to be the very birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan.

That spring afternoon, about a dozen or so “pro-white” speakers had assembled to spout their ethnocentric rhetoric. Because Georgia state law is practically the basis for the plot of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, they were allowed to bring assault rifles with them …

… as were the thousands of people who showed up to demonstrate against them. So basically, we had hardcore white nationalists with guns outmanned literally 10-to-1 by hardcore black nationalists with guns. But – much to my surprise, if not outright shock – not a single shot was fired. In fact, I actually watched a guy from the Huey Newton Gun Club and a white dude wearing a rebel flag hanky peacefully discuss their differences with AR-15s in their hands underneath a gigantic carving of the president of the C.S.A.

As fate would have it, the only violence I witnessed that day came from an entirely different group – a bunch of self-avowed “anti-fascist” protesters.

You know how people sometimes talk about “wake up calls?” Well, I sure as hell had one that evening when I watched a gang of nearly a dozen young men jump two senior citizens – whose only crime was wearing a Confederate flag baseball cap – from behind.

It happened right in front of a local Atlanta TV station camera. I mean four feet in front of it, while a guy was being recorded for an interview. It was the kind of brazen display of senseless violence that usually makes news outfits jump for joy. But when the 6 o’clock news rolled around – it wasn’t shown.

The gallery of pictures on their website? Yeah, it wasn’t there either. I’m not kidding when I say it was right in front of the camera – you couldn’t have framed a better video of the attack. So why didn’t it air?

Because it was the wrong kind of “victim” and the wrong kind of “perpetrator.” Had the situation been inverted – a dozen white nationalists beating the crap out of two totally innocent black dudes wearing Malcolm X shirts – something tells me it would’ve made national headlines.

But two old geezers, who were probably racist anyway, having the holy hell beat out of them in the name of “social justice?” Totally swept under the rug.

There were no cameras around an hour later when another car – clearly, one operated by a neo-Nazi Klansman just because it had one of those rebel flag thingies flying on it – got attacked by another “anti-fascist” wielding a hammer.

When I first got to the protest, I kept wondering why there was a line of about 30 police officers standing in front of the “pro-white” speakers. By the end of the afternoon, I knew why – it wasn’t to protect the masses from them, it was to protect the white nationalists from being murdered by 800 social justice warriors.

The “fascists” just wanted to yell stuff out of a speakerphone while the “anti-fascists” were chucking rocks at them, trying to break into their enclosure and setting random pieces of state property on fire.

So on one side, we had barely enough people to fill up an elevator preaching non-violent hate, while a thousand others were demonstrating the collective power of violent tolerance. One side wanted to make their voice heard, and the other side wanted blood, guts, and bones splattered all over the place.

The “roles” had totally been inverted. The fascists – as questionable/reprehensible their views may have been – were begrudgingly practicing peaceful resistance (when you’re outnumbered 300-to-1, I suppose you don’t really have a choice) while the anti-fascists were the ones actively using violence to silence a dissenting point of view.

Men wearing masks, burning things in public and threatening not just bodily harm, but fatal bodily harm against their ideological adversaries – the guys vehemently against the Klan were acting more like the Klan than the Klan itself!

That afternoon was my introduction to something called Antifa, a sort of loosely-held together consortium of Bernie Sanders worshippers who hate hatred so much they have to go out en masse at public events to destroy municipal property, torch cars and beat the living shit out of anybody who dare shows any inkling of what they consider racist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, transphobic or Islamophobic sentiment.

They almost always wear masks, even though that was the same standard operating procedure of the racist domestic terrorist group they’ve declared their arch enemy. They also tend to dress in similar garb – solid black pants, black jackets and big old marching boots – and even get the same group-distinguishing haircuts, piercings and tattoos. You know, just like the Neo-Nazi skinheads they want to (oh-so ironically) ethnically cleanse from U.S. society.

And the ultimate punchline? As evident by their recent behavior at U.C. Berkely – pretty much the Vatican of post-hippie liberal idealism – they have zero qualms about using physical violence, arson and vandalism to literally threaten other people from speaking their minds.

Which means these “anti-fascists” are LITERALLY using the tactics pioneered by actual fascists in Mussolini’s Italy.

It’s like Mothers Against Drunk Driving advocating drunk driving. It’s not just hypocritical, it literally contradicts the very backbone of the organizational mission.

It’s clear that Antifa (and their spinoffs and imitators) isn’t actually interested in combatting “fascism.” Hell, I’m not even sure any of these bandana wearing bungholes can even spell it properly, let alone define it.

No, what these hyper-liberal dingbats want is to literally silence anybody who doesn’t agree lockstep with their moral orthodoxy. They use highfalutin terms like “tolerance” and “diversity” and “multiculturalism” to justify using physical harm against people who say and think things they don’t like. They have no respect whatsoever for the First Amendment, and even worse – despite the fact THEY’VE been the ones perpetrating the most mass violence over the election season – the media doesn’t even try to posit them as the lawless, hypocritical (and yes, inherently fascistic) threats to public safety they are.

Simply put, Antifa is nothing but a bunch of spineless vigilantes – a deluded set of tools who have somehow convinced themselves that being a violent anti-racist is ethically superior to being a non-violent bigot.

When an alt-right spokes-racist giving a peaceful interview is socked in the jaw by a self-righteous “anti-racist” crusader, the social media hive mind applauds our “heroic” cloaked vigilante. After all, these racists and homophobes and anti-Semites and Islamophobes and woman-haters are subhuman scum who need to be filtered out of the gene pool (yes, the irony of calling for the the genetic elimination of an entire group of people never dawns on them.) Not only do those kinds of people not deserve the right to say what they believe, according to Antifa and their sympathizers, they don’t deserve to even exist in our post-Obama inclusivity-uber-alles utopian kingdom.

Lost in the narrative is that this little thing called the Constitution means anybody in America is FREE to think anything they want and SAY anything they want, just as long as it’s not telling people to kill or maim someone at a particular place, at a particular time and in a particular way you personally help arrange. Meanwhile, punching somebody and trying to firebomb an auditorium to prevent someone from speaking is an ACTUAL crime.

Speaking your mind is perfectly legal, while using physical force to prevent others from speaking their minds is justifiably illegal. But somewhere along the way, we got our morals mixed up, so there’s an entire generation of mush-headed college foot soldiers out there who honestly believe it’s OK to use violence to respond to any kind of expression they perceive to be hateful.

They think having their feelings hurt is actually morally equal to having their bones broken. And since they lack the adult organelle responsible for this old defense mechanism called “walking away” or “simply not listening,” they feel OBLIGATED to physically eradicate any antithetical viewpoints from being shared or uttered anywhere near them. So fascistic about their anti-fascistic philosophy, they don’t want ANYONE to hear opposing viewpoints – and if that means physically intimidating people to keep their yaps shut, so be it.

To them, anything and anyone that doesn’t buy into their kind of politics is a fascist. The same way McCarthy cooked up the Red Scare to silence his ideological rivals in the 1950s, these Antifa A-holes have created a Redneck Scare to ballgag anybody who dares think of telling them they’re full of it. “Agree with us 100 percent,” the Antifa mission statement might as well read, “or we’ll call you a ‘racist’ and beat the shit out of you until you change your mind.”

And in that? Il Duce himself would be in awe of just how totalitarian these tragically self-unaware Antifa doofuses actually are.