The Most Dangerous Fascists Are The Ones Claiming ‘It’s For The Greater Good’

That afternoon was my introduction to something called Antifa, a sort of loosely-held together consortium of Bernie Sanders worshippers who hate hatred so much they have to go out en masse at public events to destroy municipal property, torch cars and beat the living shit out of anybody who dare shows any inkling of what they consider racist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, transphobic or Islamophobic sentiment.

Why Everybody Should Be Cheering For The Atlanta Falcons In Super Bowl 51

I’m kinda’ shocked nobody picked up on the hidden sociocultural implications of this year’s Super Bowl. Yeah, it should be a high-scoring, offensive-minded points-a-thon, but there’s something even more important on the line than the Lombardi Trophy – this may very well be the first class conscious title game in NFL history.