God Is Always Listening To You

So don’t be despair when you think your prayers were not answered. He heard your cries and he will answer your prayers in his own time and in the most beautiful ways.

This Is Why I Decided To Forgive You

I forgive you for all of the times you broke your promises. I forgive you for all of the hurt you have caused me. I forgive because that is the only way for me to move forward.

We Lost Ourselves When We Loved Each Other

There’s no harm in sharing your life with another person. However there should still be a space for personal growth. Being too immersed in the comfort zone is inevitably unhealthy.

What My Single Mother Taught Me

I have never felt incomplete despite not having a father figure because my mum took on both roles to the best of her ability.

As The Year Ends, Let’s Remember The Good Times

There are so many things we should all be thankful for even if we’ve had a rough year. Being appreciative prevents us from taking anything or anyone for granted. Besides, we only live once so let’s live it well.