To The Next Guy Who’s Willing To Brave My Storm

I’ll take you on the good days and the bad. When you’re ready to tell me about your demons, I’ll face them head on with you. I’ll never be quick to judge because I know how it feels and if your past troubles you, I’ll work to help make it a little less troubling.

To The Guy Who Let A Good One Go

She should be cursing your name, letting any of her friends tell you off, responding to the guys that have been showing her attention but she isn’t like that. She doesn’t hate you, in fact she still sticks up for you when we tell her she deserves better. She chooses to see the best in people even if they’ve hurt her, even someone like you who took the trust she so hesitantly gave to you and you tore it to shreds.

I Love You, But It’s Time To Close This Chapter In My Life

As much as I don’t want to, I have to close this chapter in my life. I have to move forward and see what comes next, because if I keep rereading the same chapter of my life, it’s never going to change and I’m going to be stuck in the same sorry situation, which I don’t deserve.

I’m So Glad I Lucked Into You

I know that I’m so grateful that all my feeble attempts at love and relationships before had failed — because they led me to you.