To The Guy Who Let A Good One Go


Thank you.

I know that sounds like a weird thing to say, especially because her heart is shattered into a million pieces right now and she’s cried enough tears to form a small pond but in all seriousness, thank you. There are many reasons why she’s saying thank you.

You see by breaking her heart and letting her go you have now opened up a pathway for the right guy to come into her life and show her what she has been missing out on. She’s now able to be available to the right guy, the one who is going to sweep her off her feet and make all of her past heartbreaks make sense. He’s going to treat her with the love and respect she deserves, the kind she’s always giving away to everyone else.

It’s the kind of love she tried to give to you. She fought hard for you, even after all the times you pushed her aside. She was right there to pick you up when you were down. You could go days or weeks without talking to her and the second your name came across her phone she was right there. She’s one of the most loyal girls out there, with the biggest heart and you really lost a good opportunity to experience what true, unconditional love is like.

You leaving her also taught her what to look out for when she’s ready to get back out there again. Right now she doesn’t want to think about seeing someone else but eventually she will heal and that smile will start lighting up rooms again. However small compliments won’t catch her eye, she’ll know what to look for, she’ll know that just because you talk sweetly and tell her all the things she wants to hear doesn’t mean you’re actually going to stick to your words. She’s going to look closely at actions and body language.

She now knows how to love herself now, because when you’re tossed to the side and you think there isn’t anyone else to love you, you begin to realize that self-love is so important.

She can’t expect the next person coming into her life to love her if she doesn’t love herself. She can’t bring herself down for all the things you said were wrong with her or why it didn’t work out, she needs to embrace those and realize you were just an idiot that couldn’t get over himself and came up with the crappiest reasons to let her go.

She knows that even though she feels like it, she isn’t alone. She has friends that will go to the end of the line for her, who will bring her ice cream, movies, liquor or all of the above to make her feel happy again. They’ve voluntarily threated to punch you in the butt so to speak for hurting her and because she’s as nice as she is she won’t let anyone say anything to you, at least to your face.

I can say it here, you are an idiot.

The girl you let go is one of the greatest girls you are ever going to meet. She puts everyone else before she even thinks about herself; she’s kind, smart, sarcastic, witty, charismatic, beautiful and so much more. She’s a jack of all trades; you could never get bored because she could go from girly girl, calm cool and collected to tailgating at either a baseball, football or soccer game and yell louder than half the guys in attendance.

She should be cursing your name, letting any of her friends tell you off, responding to the guys that have been showing her attention but she isn’t like that. She doesn’t hate you, in fact she still sticks up for you when we tell her she deserves better.

She chooses to see the best in people even if they’ve hurt her, even someone like you who took the trust she so hesitantly gave to you and you tore it to shreds.

She’d let you back in, in a heartbeat because she’s always believing that everyone deserves a second chance, or third or fourth in her case because she hasn’t figured out how to turn people away which makes her such a wonderful person.

However if you cared about her at all and the things you told her you wouldn’t take advantage of that. I hope you miss her; I hope you see her out looking fantastic and it stings a little in your chest. I think you may be a little heartless because when a girl tells you that you’ve hurt them and apologizes for doing something wrong when she clearly did nothing wrong is the right girl. Except you continue to let her feel like she was the problem when clearly that is not the fact. You shouldn’t have pushed her away because she was getting close, you should have let her in because she was the ultimate real deal.

You didn’t though; you gave her every excuse in the book and walked away. You know how she feels about you and you didn’t even take that into consideration because you sir are selfish. So know that the tears caused by you, the sad posts and sad songs she’s listening to are because her heart is in pieces and she’s trying to make sense of everything.

It’s too late to apologize, though I’m sure she’d give you the time of day, but don’t attempt it. She’s given you ample opportunities to rectify the situation and make things right.

She’s not a revolving door so you don’t get to keep coming in when you feel like it.

In fact that door is about to be locked, because you can’t continue to hurt her and she may not have the strength to tell you no now but she will very soon.

You really screwed this one up, even if you can’t see it now. Being the single guy is great, you can go out, party, flirt with girls and give attention to ones who don’t see you as anything other than a friend and you don’t have to allow yourself to feel then. Superficially that sounds wonderful, you’re living the dream bachelor life, but it has to get lonely at some point.

It’s just too bad you couldn’t how good you had it but what they say is one man’s loss is another man’s treasure and that is exactly what she will be.