Erik Stinson is a Person That Does Interesting Things: An Interview

Sorry I Like To Party is shot entirely by VHS camera. Remember VHS? No? Those tape things that are ‘retro’ now? To date, the majority of Erik Stinson’s film work seems to have been taken with VHS, either because he never had enough money to get a real camera or… something else.

Thought Controlled Computing Seems Bleak

Thought controlled computing is an interface that allows an individual to affect his or her physical reality by the sole act of thinking. At the forefront of consumer-centric thought controlled computing is Ontario-based company InteraXon, who produced the video inside.

The Week’s Internet Shit Talking in Review

Shit talking this week experienced somewhat of a lull. While we did start off the week strong with the Glenn Beck’s rally—an event that later gained the enigmatic spiritual warrior the title “The White Malcom X” from one reporter at The Daily Beast—shit talking slacked during the middle of the week…

E-Tomb Preserves Your Social Networking Persona Forever

A tombstone for the internet-age, it stores all a dead person’s social presences – Facebook, Twitter, blogs, photos, videos, etc., in one easy to access space. A bluetooth-like device – the cross on the front of the tombstone – transmits and makes available this data. When the departed’s relatives visit the stone, they can interact with their now defunct internet presences via mobile.