On Days I Do Not Love Myself

On days I do not love myself, I wake up feeling afraid of myself. This body sometimes still feels like an intruder in the same home it built.

Why I Love Being A Writer

It almost seems as though my lifeline is wired to it. My breathing capacity is measured by the amount of lives I touch with my words. 

Not Just Another Girl In The Room

There is a girl I know who taught me about beauty. She stands in a crowded living room, in between sweaty bodies and blasting music— supposing, if she stands there just a tad bit longer, she’ll eventually morph into one of them. 

I Wonder What It’s Like To Be Loved By You

I watch you love music like this— mildly yet so passionately. And I wonder if you could also ever love me like this— with a feather-like touch yet with the same burning passion of a storm. 

Just For Now, Let Me Love You

So for the meantime, let me love you in all the ways I know how. In between all our imperfections. At the ends of all our infinities.