To The Person Who Will Love Me Someday


Over seven billion people in the world and you will end up with me someone like me.

I wonder how we’ll meet. Perhaps, in a coffee-shop downtown where you love to read your favorite Jane Austen books. Or in one of the benches at the park where you spend your time walking your dog. Or maybe, we’ll meet someplace else and perhaps, we won’t see it coming. But here’s to you, the person who will love me.

I thought I’d let you know that I both have sharp edges and soft spots. I’ll have parts of me you won’t like nor understand. I’ll have parts of me that are bent but not broken. Parts I do not talk about. And parts that even I haven’t discovered yet.

There are moments when I will feel like a ball of anxiety, rolled around in all the places I think I shouldn’t be in. I know I’m going to be a lot to deal with so I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into. I’ll crawl under the covers and spend days trying to get myself together. I’ll question myself and the others who love me every day. Part of me will think that I do not deserve them. But these days— it will pass. I’ll just need you to collect the sunshine for me so you can hand them over to me when the dark storms arrive.

I will wait for you. The one who will see me in the little things. The one who will gladly deal with my endless complaints and constant bickering. Someone who will tease me. Someone who will listen to me. Hold me. Hug me. Kiss me softly, while they take their time and smile through it. The one who will calm my demons down. The one who would cry with me and buy me ice cream while at it. The one who will embrace all my emotional outbursts, guilty pleasures and pet peeves. The one who will love me regardless of my imperfections.

Here’s to you, the brave at heart— the one who is courageous enough to stand before this entire army of insecurities, this formidable wall of self-doubt. I will have my days when self-pity tries to conquer me, building even more walls to shut you out, creating even more frontiers. But I hope you’re ready for that. Hopefully, you didn’t come empty-handed. Know that I will be rooting for you in all these battles.

So here’s to you— the person who will love me and choose me over all the other seven billion human beings who are just as deserving of that love as me. I’ll be waiting for you.