I Witnessed Bad Parenting In Public

While this might have been the most-brazen example of poor parenting in a public place – which I have ever personally witnessed – it was one of the many similar situations I have seen play out in a restaurant.

Policy Has To Go Beyond The Surface: Protests Are Only Step One

A Grand Jury returning a non-indictment is proof of a thoroughly broken system. It is proof that no matter what people say about police cameras – the issue goes far beyond simply seeing what a police officer does on the scene during an incident, or arrest.

Black Friday: The Opposite Thought Process

Black Friday is coming and the internet, just like every year, has been lit up by outraged employees, so-called activists, anti-establishment types, holiday traditionalists, and so many more detailing how no one should shop on Black Friday, or especially Thanksgiving.

What Happened To Halloween Over The Years?

There was a time when the holiday was predominantly for young people, and those who were older teens, or adults – simply didn’t participate in the commercialized way people participate today.