We Will Never Stop Learning

I heard somewhere that writing when you’re sad is actually therapeutic but that could be a topic for debate.

A Band Aid Can’t Heal Our Emotional Scabs

Even more, sometimes it hurts to rip a band aid off of a wound. Exposing it to air to dry out and scab over. But it’s necessary to give some air and breathing room to a healing wound to form a new skin, a tougher one. 

When Tragedy Strikes, We Need To Be There For Each Other

The list goes on in other countries and the results are the same. But with tragedy comes a sense of unity and strength and standing strong against threats while rebuilding a nation in the process is not only commendable but something we, as Americans, are familiar with after attacks of the same kind.

Don’t Let The Pressure Stop You From Shining

So know this: you are more than enough. You are strong and loved and brilliant. Your are no less important, no less beautiful than the biggest, brightest of stones. And no one can take that away from you.

A Letter To Who I Was Five Years Ago

The weather is crisp and it’s the kind of fall morning where you wake up feeling like everything will eventually be okay. Everything will fall into place. Leaves will change color and blow through the wind. And you will be okay.