Don’t Let The Pressure Stop You From Shining


Diamonds are the shit. They’re pretty and they sparkle and are totally out of my budget.

The intricacy of producing diamonds dates back to nearly 3 billion years ago and some geologists are still dumbfounded as to how planet Earth popped them out like little babies.

Today’s technology has been able to mimic Earth’s diamond production through some basic techniques: heat and whole lot of pressure. I’m talking like, massive amounts of pressure. Five hundred thousand Fat Bastards’ worth of pressure.

Just think something so small and beautiful goes through such a process to be made. The end product is on the minds of hopeful brides-to-be, rappers, and probably animals too. From the cut to the carats and sometimes the color, these precious jewels go through so much work before making it on someone’s lonely finger or grill.

But all that pressure doesn’t always create a perfect end product.

I pride myself, more so, put pressure on myself in most aspects of my life. From being a good friend or lover to kicking ass at my job to making sure my parents know I’m still alive. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be good and thoughtful and smart. All the time. Okay, lies, MOST of the time.

I have my flaws – I’m human. I can be a selfish princess and sometimes only think of what I want in life instead of what I need. I can grow impatient with others when I feel misunderstood. And I berate myself when I do see myself falter to illusions created in my head. Succumbing to these unnecessary stressors takes its toll, sometimes to the point of blaming myself for absolutely nothing I did wrong.

I know I will falter and fail (again), and be blindsided by life’s surprises and unexpected events. In no way do I expect the Universe to hand me anything on a silver platter saying, “You’ve earned it.” I gamble on knowing that some risks are worth the reward, worth the hard work, while other times it’s just an experience to learn from, to retreat back to the drawing board another time to see what will work the next.

Always striving to kill it in life shouldn’t exhaust you to the point that you forget what you’re working towards. Whether it’s your goal weight, a raise, or just the simplicity of being a better version of yourself for loved ones and more importantly yourself – the hard work in the process shouldn’t kill you.

Having a bad day and keeping to yourself doesn’t make you any less lovely than when you’re bright and cheerful.

Having a good cry when you just can’t handle what life is throwing at you doesn’t mean you’re too sensitive and weak.

Overthinking doesn’t make you paranoid but rather considerate enough to pay attention to little details that sometimes go unnoticed.

To truly be okay with where you are and who you are on your journey to becoming a shining, beautiful, and meaningful asset to this world is a constant struggle to remember all the time.

So know this: you are more than enough. You are strong and loved and brilliant. Your are no less important, no less beautiful than the biggest, brightest of stones. And no one can take that away from you.

Not all diamonds are made the same and some of the most beautiful diamonds still have teeny, tiny flaws only a blind eye would notice. But they too, are still cherished, finding their place on someone’s finger or displayed in glass cases for everyone to admire.

Shine bright, y’all.