Maybe This Is Why I’m Scared Of Love

When we talk about love, there will be always happiness and sadness. These two will always be there. These two are the Ying and Yang of love. We will never know the true value of happiness without getting sad or getting hurt and same goes with sadness.

You Came Back To Me, And Now I Will Return To You

I know people will call me stupid for this. But Love, I can still see the truth in your lonely eyes. I can see the long lost stars in the corner of your eyes – you know that the stars are my weakness. I see the boundless hopes of wanting me back into your life and that’s why I’m coming back to you.

To My Summer Love, My Summer Scar

If you can, please run away from me, because I know life is full of changes and if I place my happiness on you and you disappear, I don’t know how much of myself will remain.