Don’t Fall In Love With A Black Hole


‘I love you’ why is it so hard to say? 

I thought of it while looking at those eyes of yours and as you continue on talking, I cannot keep myself from staring at your fingertips—they’re still, black, and alluring. And I started to wonder if there is any tiny possibility that someday you’ll see what’s inside of my heart. I wonder if there will come a day when you will pick me instead of them. When will you make me a priority instead of your past time? When will you notice how my eyes speak the loudest truth?

I guess that will never happen.

We only have an hour a day and it always feels like forever with you. We always choose to conquer and wonder the beauty of the night sky and what magic it gives to everyone who adores it. You sit in front of me and ask me questions that I find really unusual because you are unusual in so many ways. You are a kind person. You have a heart for everyone and you’re lucky because everyone loves you the same. You respect everyone’s opinion and differences. You have all the qualities that I’m looking for.

You have the same amount of energy like a black hole and from that, I stopped. My whole body was shaking at the thought of it. As if there were warning signs alarming so loud at me, telling me to stop what I’m doing and go back from where I used to be. Sending me signals to pack up and leave you right away…

But how can you leave someone so perfect and lovable?

The warnings didn’t stop alarming me. Each day they became louder and louder as I continue myself indulging in your presence. So I fell harder each day. And as I continue to get closer to your ergosphere, I realized it’s time to listen to the alarms.

They don’t stop, so I guess it means something.

Falling in love with someone that has the same characteristics of a black hole can be difficult. The energy is so robust, that you’ll have to pull yourself very hard to go away from it. It takes a lot of energy and courage to let go of someone you really like but it takes a lot of bravery to listen to those warnings and alarms.

I guess the alarms were right, I cannot love a black hole fully. Even if they mean so much to you. Even if they shine so bright at night. Even if they fit so much for you and the saddest part about it? they will always be a black hole sipping everything they want from the people they want and leave you alone if you’re already empty.