This Is How You Move On

1. Get up early. Even earlier than you’re used to. Walk through the dark to your first cup of coffee. Put…


It was Wednesday and I was walking home in a hurry with my hood tucked over my eyes to hide my…

She And Him

She races but she wanders too. Her shoes are white like summer and she gets lost on her way back.

The Idea Of You

Your jokes sounded like the ones you used to tell. I remember hearing them in the spring when we were teenagers. We still had a few years left and I looked younger than I felt. I used to wear my hair in a braid wrapped over my shoulder. Your flannel shirts were always a size too big and sprinkled in paints.

She Used To Be Free

She liked to pick the smallest flowers from the ground on her long walks home. She liked to keep the ones that grew towards her and the skies, the ones that couldn’t reach. She used to lift them from the soil and tangled weeds, she used to give them a new home with her.