10 Bathroom Organization Hacks That Will Make A Huge Impact


If you have a small bathroom, you might feel like you don’t have enough room to store all of your belongings, from your toilet paper to your towels to your personal products. It’s difficult to find space for everything, especially when you’re living in a household with more than one person. However, you don’t have to choose between a cluttered bathroom and a nonfunctional bathroom. You can make your space look stylish and functional with a few simple bathroom storage organizational hacks.

If you want to make your bathroom feel much roomier without sacrificing its style, here are a few key things you might want to consider adding to the space:

Add corner units for extra storage.

Paper towel holders and towel racks are going to give you a convenient space to store the products you buy in bulk. That way, your guests won’t have to worry about searching through your personal cabinets when they need to replace a roll of toilet paper or grab a fresh towel to wash off from the shower. Everything they need will be stowed in the corner unit where it’s easy to access. It will also make it easier for you to see when you’re coming close to running out on a product and need to head to the store.

Install robe hooks and towel bars on your walls. 

You shouldn’t hang your robe in your bedroom closet because you might forget to bring it into the bathroom with you. However, if you install hooks on your bathroom walls or on the inside your bathroom door, you can keep your robe in the place where you need it the most. Hooks make it easy for you to slip right into your robe after your shower so you can feel comfy and cozy. You can also use the hooks to hang your towels, unless you prefer the look fo a towel bar, and then you should install one or two of those instead. Nonetheless, they can always be within reach when you need them.

Hang organizational medicine cabinets above the bathroom sink.

You don’t want too much clutter on the bathroom counter. Surrounding your sink with bottles and tubes looks messy, even if you have them pushed into a corner. Installing a medicine cabinet will allow you to place all of your medication bottles, toothpaste tubes, mouthwash, and acne creams out of sight. That way, you will still have these bathroom essentials close by to use when you need them, but they won’t ruin the look of the bathroom

Add shelving to empty wall space. 

Instead of filling empty wall space with art or signage, you should consider installing shelving, like floating shelves! Not only will it look aesthetically pleasing, it will create much more room. If your shelves are wide enough, you can pile your towels on them to keep them organized. If your shelves are thinner, you can use them to store jars of makeup brushes, nail polishes, or skin creams. You can even add some small succulents or decorative candles to your shelving in order to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Place woven baskets and trays on smooth surfaces.

Woven baskets and trays are an adorable addition to any room – and you can find them in a style that fits modern, transitional, or traditional homes. Of course, if you hang baskets, it won’t be just for decoration! They’re a great way to organize random bits and pieces in your bathroom. You can place your basket on a shelf, a counter, or your toilet tank and fill it with toilet paper, paper towels, tampons, and air fresheners. If you ever need to use the items elsewhere, the container makes everything portable. You can easily carry your items to any other room in the house.

Buy a shower caddy or shower corner unit.

It’s helpful to have all of your shower accessories in one place. That way, you won’t need to risk stepping out of an already running shower and splashing water across the floors while searching for a certain product you forgot to bring in with you. A shower caddy allows you to place your soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving gel, and body wash in one convenient place. If you have multiple people living in your household, it also gives you the chance to separate your items. You can place your belongings on one shelf, and they can use another shelf, so your products don’t end up getting confused for one another.

Use mason jars and tiered trays.

If you still have extra bathroom items that need a home and won’t fit inside the medicine cabinet, use a mason jar for both decorating purposes and for maintaining storage space. Mason jars are an easy, accessible, and trendy way of keeping your things together (bobby pins, q-tips, nail clippers, nail filers, cotton balls). If you have enough counter space, consider a tiered tray to place apothecary jars or the mason jars full of your things. Some tiered trays are mirrored and mirrors can always make even a small bathroom appear bigger.

Store cleaning supplies under the sink.

If you can, use the under the sink area as a storage space for your cleaning supplies (unless you have a pedestal sink, then this might not be a thing for you). Here’s a bathroom hack: install a tension rod in the cabinet to hang spray bottles and make use of the empty storage space and make room at the bottom of the cabinet for more items.

Other storage ideas and bathroom organization hacks:

  • Install a basket inside the bathroom cabinet door. This can be a place for you to hold your curling iron or hair dryer. It will keep it out of sight, but still in a place that is easily accessible.
  • Place toiletry items in an easy, accessible area. Items like pads, liners, tampons, extra toilet paper should be in the bathroom drawer or cabinet. You could even place them inside a decorative basket inside of the cabinet. 

If you feel like your bathroom is too small to fit everything you need, think again. No matter what size space you’re working with, you can employ some of these simple techniques in order to help enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom. Remember, the smallest changes can have the biggest impact on your home.