The Best Utility Faucets for Your Laundry Sink


When it comes to ensuring that your home is operating at maximum efficiency, no detail can be overlooked. This is particularly true when it comes to the most heavily utilized hardware in your home: your faucets.

Though you might lump them all into one category, there are many different types of faucets available on the market today, all specifically designed to accommodate different spaces in your home. Here is a debriefer on utility faucets, how they differ from traditional kitchen faucets, and the best ones available on the market today.

What Is A Utility Faucet?

A utility faucet simply refers to the type of faucet that’s found on a sink used in a laundry room or mudroom. This type of faucet often has a heavier water flow but is smaller in build than a kitchen faucet. Utility faucets are essential items whose primary function is to aid in the usefulness of your sink, whereas kitchen faucets are often chosen for aesthetic purposes as well.

How Does It Differ From A Kitchen Faucet?

A utility faucet differs from a traditional kitchen faucet in a number of ways.

First, there is the size. A kitchen faucet is typically 8 inches in diameter, whereas a utility faucet will be about half that size. This is because the types of sinks that utility faucets are often needed on are often smaller in build, and require the water inlets to be closer together.

Second, there is the aerator. A utility faucet will have threading on it specifically so that you can attach different items, such as a garden hose, to it. In contrast, a kitchen faucet will have no such addition like this. 

Third, there is the style. Utility faucets tend to be more industrial looking, as they serve a purpose first and foremost. Kitchen faucets, on the other hand, are much more about the style and color. Kitchen faucets tend to come in different finishes and designs, and they are often larger simply for aesthetic purposes. Kitchen faucets can be an accent piece in a room.

Lastly, the flow and function differ between a kitchen and a utility faucet. Particularly, kitchen faucets allow you to change the flow of water and often come with multiple headpieces or attachments to allow you to change the flow of the nozzle. Utility faucets tend to only have one option for water flow, though they are often larger and reach a larger surface area than a kitchen faucet does. 

What Types Of Utility Faucets Are There?

There are a few different types of utility faucets available, and understanding the differences between them are important for selecting the right option for you.


These faucets are often installed right above the sink — and, when present in a bathroom, below the mirror. These faucets maximize sink space as you can lift items in and out without having to get them beneath the nozzle, and can be aesthetically pleasing as well. 


A deck-mount faucet refers to the typical faucet, which is installed through the hole(s) in your counter or sink.

Pull-out spray

A pull-out spray faucet is typically a deck-mount faucet and comes with an additional feature wherein you can move the nozzle from its positioning and spray water in a 360-degree fashion. This can be very useful for certain rooms, such as the laundry room. 


A two-handle faucet simply refers to a faucet in which the temperature gauges are separated, and the handles for which are typically located on either side of the water nozzle. 

Our Favorite Utility Faucets 

Before you choose a utility faucet for yourself, keep in mind the function of the faucet. You will likely be using it a bit harder than you would a traditional kitchen sink, so size and stability are key.  In addition, think about the space that you will be using the faucet in. You might want to select a faucet with a smaller base, or more water pressure and a raised neck so that you can access your sink more easily. 

[tc-product id=”iysbp”]

This option truly has the best of all worlds, with a deck-mount, two-handle base, and a high-arc nozzle, meaning that you still get maximum sink space as well. It’s also offered in multiple finishes, depending on if you want a matte black or stainless steel look.

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This double-handle faucet has the breadth and structure of a traditional faucet, but is still installed onto the wall above the sink, ensuring maximum access. The nozzle is longer, meaning that the water will flow more toward the center of the basin. 

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This utility faucet is another best-of-all-worlds situation, but with the additional feature of a long and flexible nozzle, the water flow will be directed more toward the center of the sink, as opposed to the back of the basin. 

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Lastly, this faucet is a bit more up-scale in its style, with two separate temperature gauges, a short nozzle and a wall-mount, ensuring that you maximize sink space in every way possible.