Becoming A F*cking Pop Star


Why would you want to be a pop star?

I don’t know why someone would actually ask this question, unless they were testing you to find out if you’re the real deal, or just yesterdays trash. And remember, that the entertainment industry is full of yesterday’s trash that hasn’t quite arrived in the bins.

So, wouldn’t the better question be: why don’t you want to be a pop star. If you are a healthy individual, you would want to be a pop star. You would want to show the world on stage, that you are the COOLEST fucking mating material that exists. That you have the best talents and are the most interesting.

On top of that: who doesn’t love music? I mean, most people at some point, they be loving some music. Even if it’s once a month, music comes to us in places like the grocery store, Starbucks, and the combined grocery store Starbucks that I usually go to.  Last weekend, Bret and I were doing the shopping, and we heard Taylor Dane AGAIN. She gets MAD play at the grocery store.

Taylor Dane is a good example for me. Not because I know anything about her inner workings, but because she’s a bonafide pop star. She’s not in the weekly rags. She doesn’t even make hit records anymore, but she DID do it, and became a quintessential pop star.

I guess my point is that, when I say I want to be a fucking pop star, I’m not saying I want to be Miley or Justin and live forever in the exploitive eye of the media. In fact,  I would be a much cooler pop star because my agenda is mostly about human rights and the environment.

My earliest memories of writing music were at the age of 4. I was walking up the hill from our neighbors house, and I was writing radio hits in my head the whole way up. And for me, it seemed like since then, my brain never stopped making hits. It’s part of who I am.

The only problem with the hits being made in my brain, is that I’m not a skilled recording engineer or producer. Luckily I found someone, whom I’ve worked with on over 60 tracks. We have a divine pop connection going and REAL THINGS ARE BEING SAID in our songs. And they are fucking pop songs. And I am the fucking pop star that wrote and recorded them.

I’ve managed to silence some people who doubted me, but I’ve still got many more who doubt what I’m about and this is one of the hardest missions I’ve ever undertaken. But I’m going to achieve it. I’ve got NOTHING left else to achieve at the moment. Nothing, but becoming a fucking pop star.

A few years will go by, and you’ll just hear my song chirping away like “Love Will Lead you Back” in 2014.