I Am A Pop Star: Lessons From Meditation


This article is for the haters. Specifically the haters. I am reaching out to any and all of you that experience negative self-talk on a daily basis. You don’t have to experience negative thoughts, that is a choice.

Developing strong thinking patterns is a journey. It starts with awareness of that which you want to change. Once you recognize what you don’t want, you can pay attention to what you do want.

I have only been deeply meditating for a couple of months, but my life has completely shifted. I no longer experience anxiety or depression. I have full control over my bodily functions. I am at my peak in health, wealth, and happiness. Everything in my career is swimming along to perfection and I have learned that I have never aspired to be a pop star. I have always been one.

If any of this sounds ridiculous, then you are probably dealing with fear, shame, and probably anxiety. Meditation will clear out these emotions, as they are not helpful to a fully realized life.

Meditation is all about focusing on the breath. When you are aligned with your breath, you are aligned with your being. It enlivens up the cells in your body, alleviates health problems, and is a potential path to a cure for any condition.

If you need to, I encourage you to Google meditation benefits. Most of you probably know exactly what I’m talking about and have heard about meditation and it’s incredible effects on the human psyche. You can release all of the negativity clouding your judgement and abilities. You can start being the perfect version of you today.

Meditation is the launching point for a fully realized version of yourself. Isn’t that worth giving a try?

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