Before You Find Love You Have To Find Yourself First


Every girl out there once had their hearts broken and it kind of sucks to think what you’ve been through or going through. Do you even wonder if guys go through the same dirt road of moving on.

Do they go through the insane roller coaster ride of finally letting go and not looking back to the one thing that keeps you going? It’s quite ironic to think that the person you can lean on is actually your weakness. The one, who swore to protect you, is the same person who eventually broke you to pieces. Now, you don’t know how to put it back together, how to be whole again. You feel lost in space.

Finally letting go of all the things that pull you down, things that hurt you, and things that don’t make you happy anymore can be exhaustion.

It will take all your energy and free will. You’ll constantly think of all those negative feelings. You’ll battle between moving forward or have a quick visit to the past because you’re afraid that if you completely let go you won’t be feeling the same wonderful feelings you had with him.

You’re afraid that no one will look at you the way he looks at you. You’re afraid that no one will ever love you again the way he did. You’ll think if the feelings will ever go away or will stay for a long time. Will you still fight for a battle when you know you’re on the losing side?

But sometimes, you just need to pull yourself together. Find yourself first, life goes on you know.

Stop saying yes to shit you hate because it’s nice to think that he doesn’t affect you anymore, that you’re finally okay, that you finally moved on from the heartbreak and you can now face him without thinking about the two of you. You can now face him head on, chin up.

It’s quite nice to finally feel free from him, from all your thoughts at 2 am about him. It’s nice to finally stop listening to all the heartbreak songs you listened to every day since you broke up. Your world finally continued to spin even without him. It’s quite nice really to wake up and think anything else but him, you no longer stress yourself about him being with someone else because hey! You don’t care anymore!

You feel completely free to stand alone because you can. It’s nice to completely turn your back on him, on the things that are not the same anymore. It’s okay to look back at all the memories you had with him. It’s okay to miss him and wish that someday you’ll find a greater love that can put your broken heart together because that is what you deserve but don’t ever come back. Set your focus straight.

It’s okay to be mad; it’s okay to feel angry or sad because something so special is ending.

This just only means that you care enough to feel those kinds of feelings. It’s okay to regret the things you didn’t do. Someday, you’ll be able to forgive whether it’s him or yourself. You’re not only leaving the man you once loved, you’re also leaving all the things that come with loving a man that’s not right for you.

There are so many beautiful imperfections in you that can make a guy fall in love. A greater love will eventually find its way to you, someday when the right time comes along and at the right moment with the right man.

You have to find yourself first so when the right man comes along you give him the best version of yourself.

No matter how it hurts now. You have to keep going. You have to keep moving forward. One day when you look back you won’t feel the same anymore.

You won’t feel the remorse of leaving something or someone behind. You’ll realize that you made the right decision. You’ll be happy for letting him go. You just have to learn the art of letting go, to realize that some people are part of your past, but not part of your future.