What It Means To Love A Girl Who’s Not Afraid To Love


Love is terrifying. There are the moments of discovery, when two people are tentative and nervous, touching each other with gentle hands, kissing with quiet lips. There are the moments of beginning, when these two souls start to discover one another, ask each other questions, share laughter and stories. Then there are the moments of falling, where two hearts begin to beg for their counterpart, craving time and attention and affection—the true start of love.

But all of this is different when you love a girl who isn’t afraid to love.

A girl who isn’t afraid to love isn’t hesitant and quiet. She doesn’t hang back in the shadows, making you wonder whether or not she feels anything. She moves with confidence. She kisses with intention. She tells you how she feels. And she opens the doors to her heart and mind and guides you inside.

She doesn’t see love as this obstacle course to get through, or a challenging path to shy away from. She doesn’t feel the need to keep herself guarded. She doesn’t hold her brokenness close, or leave her walls high and built up around her.

A girl who’s not afraid to love breaks down all those walls and pulls you in.

When you love a girl who isn’t afraid to love, you feel yourself falling, faster and faster. See, she doesn’t make you feel nervous about trusting someone. She doesn’t make you think twice about whether she’s honest or if she will hurt you, because you know she won’t and never could.

You can see her fearlessness shine through in every action. You can see that her every intention is pure. She talks to you openly; she doesn’t hold back or make you feel insecure in being vulnerable with her.

Because she isn’t afraid to love, she makes you unafraid too. And you both hold hands and jump in.

When you love a girl who isn’t afraid to love, you see all the holes in your last relationships—girls that didn’t fully trust, who were always poised to find something wrong, who were unsure of themselves or of the relationship, so much so that you could never feel secure enough to be yourself and let go.

With this girl, it’s different.

She doesn’t make you question anything, from telling her your deepest secrets to the unspoken layers of your family drama. You find yourself giving her parts of you that you haven’t given anyone else. And it only makes you fall deeper.

When you love a girl that isn’t afraid to love, you see that love is nothing to fear. You see that love is a powerful force, so powerful that it brings people together from different stages and walks of life and molds them close, molds them wonderfully, molds them so fully that you wonder how you could have ever lived before.

When you love a girl that isn’t afraid to love, you realize how beautiful love can be, how strong, how patient, how life-changing, how much pure happiness it can bring.

A girl who isn’t afraid to love will shake your foundation. She will change you, enlighten you, make you laugh and lean into love in ways you never have. She will make you forget your worries, your exes, your past hurt and bitterness. She will make you believe.

She isn’t afraid to love, to love you, to be yours fully and deeply.
So love her right back. You won’t regret it.