32 Cheeseburger Combinations That Will Save Your Life (Probably)


Sorry. I’m not sorry.

Krispy Kreme Cheeseburgers

An insane looking pizzaburger

Layer of McNuggets Cheeseburger

Beautiful runny egg cheeseburger

“Cheeseburger” Cupcake

The bun is vanilla cupcake, the burger is a fudge brownie and the lettuce is green tinted coconut. Hi.

Breakfast burger

Chili cheeseburger

Lasagna cheeseburger with garlic bread bun


With giant bacon

Reincarnated as a pizza

The Juicy Lucy

With grilled pineapple

Sweet potato pecan burger

Triple Triple Burger (that’s NINE burgers)

With onion rings snuggled inside

Ramen bun (looks gross, actually)

Such cheese

With pesto


With extreme meat

With onion petals

The garbage plate cheeseburger (only for garbage plate enthusiasts)

White trash burger (with cheese curds)

Don’t forget the tater-tot layer

Fried cheese layer

Bacon layer is best layer

Very messy

People are really obsessed with these doughnut burgers huh?

With blue cheese

With crunchy cornflakes

Finally, the perfect plate