Chihuahua Or Lesbian Girlfriend? A Quiz


  1. My parents wish I brought her around more.
  2. She loves to hike.
  3. I know exactly how she likes her eggs and she doesn’t always eat them.
  4. It’s important to me that her nails are kept short.
  5. Her photo is the background on my phone.
  6. Every morning, I find her entangled in my arms.
  7. She rocks the short hair.
  8. She’s inspired most of my creative projects.
  9. She’s highly anxious and if she doesn’t eat regular meals, she will start trembling and may even vomit.
  10. She likes to sniff my underwear.
  11. She gets uneasy if there are too many men in the room.
  12. Someone brought her back a floral muumuu from Hawaii and she wears it all the time.
  13. She can get ready to leave the house in under five minutes.
  14. People tell us we look alike.
  15. She loves toys.