Connecting With Each Other In A Connected World


Living in a world where everything is connected, it’s difficult to find someone that we truly connect with. Technology has brought many people together, while it has drifted others apart. How often do we find ourselves in a room full of people with their heads down, glued to their mobile device? We’ve become a world that relies on the power of technology, rather than face-to-face interactions.

Dating apps are taking over, especially in big cities where young singles are thriving. Most of these apps will match users based on distance, common interests, mutual friends, religion and etc. The new app on the market is called happn, which will match users when they cross paths with each other. The app takes creepy to a whole new level.

People don’t seem as social at bars or parties as they used to. With everyone attached to their phones while snapping selfies, we have become a social yet, anti-social world. How many first dates will people go on? We have all this power by one swipe or click, but keep finding ourselves wanting more. No wonder it has been so difficult for some people to settle down, we find it hard to be satisfied. If we live with the mentality that there are a million fish in the sea, won’t it be hard to choose just one?

Technology will only continue advancing, and shaping our world. In the next decade, who knows what dating will look like. We already can meet people via mobile devices while in our pajamas, so what’s next?

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