Darkness Is Just As Necessary As Light


There was a time in my life where you would never see me without my camera hanging on my neck or glued to my hands. I just thought that wherever I go, there’s always something worth capturing. Even at home, when I stay in on weekends, I’ll take photos of random things I find, and I’d be preoccupied.

Then I lost that passion.

Almost everyone is in self-quarantine right now. In the Philippines, a curfew from 8 PM to 5 AM is implemented; you can’t go out of the house if not for grocery or bank transactions, and all businesses, public and private, are suspended. One month left of this cycle before everything goes back to normal, hopefully.

I woke up differently today. I started my day meditating, got my coffee, and went straight to my bookshelves to pick up some wisdom. Truth be told, I have unfinished work in the office. But in times like this, I just want to bask in the goodness of rest and stillness.

Who would have thought that a forced self-quarantine is what it takes for me to pick up my camera once again, not for work, but solely for art?

And so, I took photos. Lots of them. In my room, of my food, the plants outside, and everything else. It felt so good. I wouldn’t have done this again if not for the enforced suspension of everything.

The coronavirus is not something to be taken lightly, but right now, we’re left with no choice but to appreciate and be grateful for what’s left within our reach. In essence, communication, social media, art, music, love, home-cooked meals, and so much more.

Perhaps this is what humankind needs right now—realignment, refinement, and new appreciation of life. So, hold on, this is just another lesson in our journey. We’ll all be okay. It’s a promise that never fails.