7 Ways To Live In The Moment That Don’t Include Checking Your Phone


It used to be my reflex to reach for my phone the moment I wake up—to see if anyone left me a message, check what’s currently happening, or know what people have been up to.

But that was months ago.

I couldn’t tell exactly when I broke the practice, but I’m glad I did. It’s no longer a priority to respond to each meaningless message I receive, and it doesn’t feel like a responsibility anymore to update my whereabouts on each of my social media accounts.

I’m not sure if it just comes with aging or if I’m becoming more and more detached each day, but for whatever reason, I choose to see my loved ones more physically than talking to them behind a screen. And through this, I appreciate being around them more. I realized that I was wasting so much time building the perfect virtual life when I have a worthwhile reality. Don’t get me wrong, I still post online, but not as much.

When I decided to consume less and less of the internet, I realized I could do a lot more things with this life. The next thing I knew, I could go a whole day without checking my phone. And trust me, it’s a healthy habit.

If you think you already need to break up with your smartphone or you need a short detox, you might enjoy the things I want and love to do offline.

1. Read a book.

It’s always a foolproof plan to read a book. Not only will you learn so much, but you will also be transported to another place while remaining where you are.

2. Watch a movie. 

If you’re not the reading type, you can always Netflix your way out. There are tons of good movies available online that you can enjoy.

3. Spend time with your family/ friends/special someone. 

And when I say spend time, I mean not just sitting beside each other while on your phones. Put your gadgets down and communicate.

4. Travel.

See new places. Meet new people. Appreciate nature with your naked eyes. Trust me, there’s far more beauty in the world than what you see on Instagram.

5. Practice yoga.

I have been practicing yoga for a year now and I’m still surprised every day by how much it affects my whole being. Each class I take lasts 75 minutes, and during those classes, I feel connected to myself more than ever. My body surprises me on how much strength it shows in every practice. Our body is limitless, if only we believe.

6. Write a journal.

It doesn’t matter if it’s as short as three sentences or as long as three paragraphs, as long as you get to reflect. Writing your thoughts down really helps you in clearing your mind and realigning your purpose in this life.

7. Meditate.

I started meditating just this month, thanks to the influence of yoga. At first, you will not see results. You will find your mind running back and forth to different thoughts. But with consistent practice, you’ll learn how to control your mind. And through that process, you’ll get to control who has access to influence you. I use the Headspace app for my practice.

And the list goes on. If social media makes you happy, carry on, but don’t let it control you. After all, the world is out there, waiting for you to explore and experience it.