Date Someone Who You Actually Trust


Date someone who could drop their phone next to you on the couch and leave the room, but you wouldn’t even think of picking it up and going through the messages. You know that there isn’t anything on there for you to find. You know that they haven’t been texting anyone else. You know that they only have room in their heart for you.

Date someone who could come home late from work, or stay out drinking with his buddies until midnight, and you wouldn’t worry too much about it. Someone you know wouldn’t cheat on you, even if his stomach was swimming with liquor. Someone you know is exactly where he says he is, because he would never dream of telling a lie.

Date someone who could text one of their close female friends, and you wouldn’t become jealous. You wouldn’t wonder if she’s prettier than you. You wouldn’t wonder if she is somehow going to steal him away. You know that he chose you for a reason. You know that if he says there is nothing between the two of them, then it is the honest to goodness truth.

Date someone you could have a dream about cheating, but wouldn’t wake up and wonder whether he is really going around behind your back. You wouldn’t take it as a sign. You wouldn’t read too far into it, because you know that reality is better than any dream. You know that he would never hurt you, because he is as wild about you as you are about him.

Date someone who could go away on a business trip for a weekend and you wouldn’t second-guess whether or not the trip actually exists. You wouldn’t freak out about him getting a hotel room all by himself. You wouldn’t get paranoid about whether he’s going to take advantage of the opportunity and invite someone back to his bed.

Date someone who you can actually say that you trust. Someone who is authentic. Someone who is transparent. Someone who is loyal and reliable and honest AF.

Date someone who isn’t shy about giving you the password to his email, wifi, phone, or Netflix account. Someone who isn’t overly protective when you ask to use his computer or borrow his phone for a minute. Someone who is willing to share every little piece of his life with you as long as you are willing to do the same.

Date someone who never makes you feel unattractive even for one second. Someone who never makes you feel like you should be having more sex with him or should be wearing more lingerie. Someone who never makes you feel pressured to do something you’re uncomfortable doing. Date someone who is fulfilled by you and only you and lets you know that.

Date someone who is proud to wear his ring to work. Who is proud to post pictures of you together on social media or prop photos of you onto his desk. Who is proud of calling you his girlfriend or fiancé or wife.

Date someone who loves you. Someone you can trust. Someone you are sure would never hurt you.